Hello, It is nice to meet you! I am Lilian Alkmim, Ayurvedic health & wellbeing facilitator. I am happily married with 2 beautiful little baby girls, living within the luscious forest of the Byron Bay Hinterland. It is where I work with that which brings me true inner satisfaction.  It definitely wasn’t always like this! Here, I share my journey of finding healing and fulfillment through Ayurveda.  I hope it inspires you into the path of self-realization & wellbeing.

Back in Brazil, I had a successful, decade-long career, working for giant multinationals in food businesses, fashion shopping malls, and women’s magazines, occupying positions as a marketing manager, communicator and corporate public relations. Then, around my early 30’s, I started to have the first signs that something was really wrong with the path my life had taken.

My jolly ride to career fulfillment became an aimless battle with migraines, lower back issues, insomnia, episodes of anxiety, and an intense sense of dissatisfaction. In search of solutions to fix these symptoms, I became deeply interested in medical research concerning my symptoms, and I was intrigued to discover that all my health issues were rooted in a lack of internal alignment and disconnection with nature.

Slowly I began the path towards my heart. I became a pilgrim through Brazil, and around the world, searching for hidden sacred paradises and eco-villages, connecting with meditation & devotional singing groups, the healing arts and ancient wisdom to discover a real purpose for my life and career. It was years of self-discovery to get in touch with the inner gifts my soul brought to this world.

In Australia, Byron Bay – the meeting place named by the Aboriginal community – I felt a youthful joy that I hadn’t felt for years.  I also lived and worked on a farm in Murwillumbah, and getting my hands dirty, working on the land was a big step. From here, I left on a backpacking journey of discovery through India, Nepal and Thailand, and opened my soul to many amazing discoveries. Immersed in new experiences from the trip, I came back to Australia where I grounded myself, and this life encouraged me to enroll for an Ayurveda diploma course with my first master. Since 2012 I haven’t stopped immersing myself in Ayurveda philosophy. It became my life, my routine, my passion and my work. Nowadays I keep up to date studying with teachers and practitioners from India, Sydney, USA and Brazil.




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