Shirodhara: Sacred Oil Meditation

A distinctive Ayurvedic therapy bridging the physical and spiritual bodies via the third eye

A distinctive Ayurvedic therapy bridging the physical and spiritual bodies via the third eye.

Shirodhara is a unique Ayurvedic therapy, not found in other alternative health systems.  It was once reserved only for Maharajahs, so this is indeed a ‘royal’ treatment.  Shirodhara involves the gentle pouring of sesame oil over the forehead, carried out as a set of patterns.

This warm oil has the sensation of the caress of a fragrant and warm breeze, soothing away mental aches and pains. The rhythmic and gentle flow makes you float into a world of tranquility and peace, similar to a deep meditation.

  • Balance and soothe the nervous system of depressed, over-stressed, mentally tired or anxious people
  • Restore blissful sleep
  • Enhance blood circulation to the brain
  • Nourish the scalp and hair
  • Increase vitality of body and mind; and
  • Ease stress-related diseases

“It is a classical and a well-established ayurvedic procedure of slowly and steadily dripping medicated oil or other liquids on the forehead. This procedure induces a relaxed state of awareness that results in a dynamic psycho-somatic balance. A standardized Shirodhara leads to a state of alert calmness similar to the relaxation response observed in meditation. The clinical benefits observed with Shirodhara in anxiety neurosis, hypertension, and stress aggravation due to chronic degenerative diseases could be mediated through these adaptive physiological effects. ” (1) 

The Process

When a person receives Shirodhara,  they lie down on their back, face up, on a massage table with their neck adjusted to a comfortable position. To protect the eyes from liquid, a band is placed on the brow line. Warm liquid is then poured in a steady stream, with a regulated thickness, from a suspended clay or copper vessel at a height according to the client’s needs.

Depending on the specific purpose of the treatment, the liquid used in this therapy is usually herbal sesame oil (a natural mood enhancer, which helps to release serotonin); however medicated oils, buttermilk or milk can also be used.  The treatment lasts for 45 minutes, and ideally would be repeated every day or at least once a week, depending on the gravity of the condition.  For best results, the number of recommended sessions is either 3, 7 or 14.  This treatment can continue until the client is well again.

 $95 First session
(Optional: Adding herbal, medicated Ayurvedic oils to deepen the effect – an extra $30)

Subsequent Treatments – $80
(when you bring your oil from the first session) 

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