The WOMAN OF EARTH Facial Mask 60g

I am the guardian of the divine compassion, nourishment & sacred fertility. My solidity is my strength and my weakness. My skin needs an uplifting & stimulating selection of flowers, leaves, clay & spices.

The KAPHA type facial mask is design to support normal to oily, dull or congested skin and it contains the combination of Rosemary, Orange Peel and Triphala. Unlike the harsh chemicals in conventional facial cleansers, these herbs naturally reduce oil while also refreshing and rejuvenating the skin. Rosemary  encourages cell growth, which will also reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It stimulates circulation, which increases blood flow and brings nutrients to the surface, giving back a glow to the skin.

FACIAL MASK RITUAL BENEFITS: Deeply clean, remove toxins & dead skin cells. Improves skin tone, circulation and supports natural rejuvenation.

ALL ORGANIC & NATURAL ingredients: Australian White Clay, Chick Peas Flour,  Powder of Rosemary*, Lavender* & Rose, Triphala, Orange Peel* *Locally home grown.


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The WOMAN OF EARTH Facial Mask Ritual is antibacterial, detoxifying & nourishing. It delivers an uplifting  & stimulating effect for NORMAL to OILY or CONGESTED skin.

Through Ayurvedic philosophy, we learn that only what can be eaten, should be fed to the skin. So we carefully handcraft your facial mask with potent organic flowers, medicinal herbs, clay & aromatic spices. Leaving behind the side effects of synthetic and artificial cosmetics.


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Directions for Facial Mask Ritual

Mix 1 tsp of the face mask with 1tbs of water to make a  thick paste and apply to cleansed face (Tip: Apply the mask just after a hot shower or a facial steam to clean and open up the pores.)  Wait a few minutes until the mask dries. Wash it off. Follow with pure Rose Water to tone or apply few drops of Facial Oil.

If you identify your skin with the Kapha type, instead of water you can mix WOMAN OF EARTH Facial Mask with honey to enhance the stimulating effects.

Many fat soluble toxic chemicals, including preservatives, pesticides, environmental pollutants and heavy metals, store in the fatty layers just beneath the skin. These toxins can congest the lymphatic drainage of the skin and slow down skin function. Literally, the skin’s transit – the time it takes for the skin to slough off old cells and present new cells – become much longer. This not only makes the surface layers of the skin look old, dry, and lackluster, it also compromises the skin’s ability to function as a much-needed detoxification organ.

A facial care weekly routine that includes a deep detoxifying clay and herbs mask might be the only beauty product you need to aids the natural regeneration of your skin.

Pampering your face in a loving way (rather than from a place of judgment or dissatisfaction) may be a very gentle, practical, and effective means of nurturing and caring for your very sense of Self. Doing so may actually send a resounding message of self-love, self-nurturance, and self-care—both to the subtle realms of consciousness, and to the deep tissues of the body.

What is the facial mask for my skin type

Basic Ayurvedic Skin Types

VATA | Air and Ether | WOMAN OF WIND Facial Mask For dry & mature skin

Vata nature is cold and dry. The dullness that can characterize Vata complexion is caused by poor circulation, which makes the skin cold to touch. Skin is generally dry, prone to early wrinkling and has a tendency to chap and crack. Vata needs warmth and nourishment. If you identify your skin with the Vata type, instead of water you can mix WOMAN OF WIND Facial Mask powder with a natural oil, like black sesame or almond oil.

PITTA | Fire and water | WOMAN OF FIRE Facial Mask For Oily & sensitive skin

Very sensitive fine skin and scalp, prone towards inflammations, rashes, itching. Premature wrinkling and balding, discoloration of natural pigmentation, oily T-zone, blackheads, whiteheads, general excessive oiliness. Pitta needs to be cooled.
If you identify your skin with the Pitta type, instead of water you can mix WOMAN OF FIRE Facial Mask powder with pure rose water to enhance the cooling and anti-inflammatory effect.

KAPHA | Earth and Water | WOMAN OF EARTH Facial Mask For normal to congested skin

Kapha gives structure and solidity. In an imbalanced state they can be sluggish and prone to congestion and slow metabolism. Their skin is characterized by being smooth and unctuous, cool to touch. Seldom get rashes or infections, and when out of balance will suffer from acne, blackheads, general oiliness of the skin and scalp, and gain weight easily. Kapha needs stimulating herbs.
If you identify your skin with the Kapha type, instead of water you can mix WOMAN OF EARTH Facial Mask with honey to enhance the stimulating effects

The regular application will allow the skin to absorb medicine, being a way to bring balance in addition to working with nutrition, lifestyle and oral herbal medicines.

Book a consultation with Lilian Alkmim to learn more about your constitution and how to bring balance.

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