The Woman of EARTH Body Oil 200ml

I am a guardian of Divine compassion, Nourishment & Sacred fertility. My solidity is my strength and my weakness. I called upon the happiness of Rose Geranium, the clarity of Rosemary, and uplifting Spices to support my body & soul with more movement, action and fluidity.

BODY OIL RITUAL BENEFITS: Enjoy better circulation and lymph drainage, remove stagnant energy, reduction of edemas, improved energy levels, deeply hydrated skin and nourishment for the whole body.

ALL ORGANIC & NATURAL ingredients: Pure cold pressed Sunflower oil, Sesame oil & Mustard oil  + decoction of Cuban Oregano*, Rosemary*, Lemongrass*, Lavender* + essential oils: Rosemary, Rose Geranium,  Clove, Lemon. *Homegrown


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The WOMAN OF EARTH Body Oil Ritual embodies the happiness of Rose Geranium, the clarity of Rosemary, and uplifting Spices. It supports the body & soul with more movement, action and fluidity.

Handcrafted in a 10-hours herbal decoction with pure organic oils of Mustard seed, Sunflower & Black Sesame Seed. It balances Kapha related symptoms such as stagnant energy, heaviness throughout the body, sluggish digestion, slow metabolism, weight gain, congestion, depression, lethargy, and a dull, foggy mind.


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Directions for Body Oil Ritual

Ayurvedic self-massage ritual for KAPHA type: Immerse this bottle in a pot of hot water to warm the oil up. Use long strokes on the limbs and long areas of the body. Start at the extremities and move toward the heart. Use circular, clock wise movements on the joints, and especially the womb area. Let absorb for 10 to 30min. Shower to remove excess. For better results, apply daily or at least 3xweek.

What is the best oil for my body type

Discover whether vāta, pitta or kapha doshas are highest in your body.

The Woman of FIRE body oil would be ideal If your body tends to overheat, you  have a medium body frame that tends to experience inflammation, acne, rashes, hyperacidity, loose stools, anger, irritability, impatience, intense & bright red menstrual flow. (Pitta type / The final effect of this oil in the body is COOLING)

The Woman of WIND body If you’re a cold type and tend to have a thin body frame, dry skin, cold hands and feet, insomnia, spaciness, anxiety, worry, constipation, scanty & dark menstrual flow, or go any which way the wind blows. (Vata type / The final effect of this oil in the body is GENTLY WARMING)

The Woman of EARTH body if you’re a cooler type and have a solid or heavy body frame, you’re curvy or tend to gain weight easily and have a calm, stable & constant nature, have a longer menstrual flow and you can have a sluggish digestion & elimination. (kapha type / The final effect of this oil in the body is HEATING)

If you identified yourself with more than body type, use the season as the decisive factor:

Cold Seasons – choose warming effect (Woman of Wind or Earth body oil)

Hot Seasons – choose cooling or gently warming effect (Woman of Fire or Wind body oil).

The regular application will allow the body to absorb medicine through your skin, being a way to bring balance in addition to working with nutrition, lifestyle and oral herbal medicines.

Book a consultation with Lilian Alkmim to learn more about your constitution and how to bring balance.

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