The witch is at the house

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This workshop is great for women that want to deepen the connection with your own body and enhance self-care practices, without the expectation that you have to make everything “perfect” to gain health. 

It is also a great opportunity for yoga teachers and natural therapists who would like to gain an understanding of Ayurveda and its approach to menstrual health.


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During this friendly, practical, and down to earth gathering we will share ayurvedic ancient wisdom focusing on women’s health and approaching topics like: 

  • What are the messages that your body is trying to send through your p.m.s?
  • How can I support my overall health to experience a smooth cycle or menopausal transition?
  • Why do I have menstrual acne, intense cramps, menstrual clots, migraines, or other gynaecological issues?
  • The potentialities and forces of our cyclic body
  • Practical beauty rituals that also supports the nervous system


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