Ayurvedic Massage 90 min

During an Ayurvedic massage, organic oil blends are infused with Ayurvedic herbs and heated to promote relaxation and detoxification. The oils are chosen to balance a person’s dominant dosha. At the right temperature, these oils enter the body through the skin and pores, bind to the ama (toxins), and are released to detoxify the body.

The style and flow of an Ayurvedic massage are determined by what an individual needs. The massage therapist will typically use massage techniques including tapping, kneading, and squeezing, as well as traditional massage strokes. Movement flow can be quick or drawn out, depending on a person’s needs. The overall approach increases circulation and lymphatic drainage.


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Ayurvedic massage combines the 5,000-year-old Indian principles of Ayurveda—the science of life—and pressure points. This type of massage is designed to create balance among the mind, body, and spirit, and help the body heal itself. It incorporates WARM HERBAL OILS, as well non-traditional strokes and kneading that suit an individual’s needs. Depending on the clients needs it can incorporate dry herbal scrub or weight management and reduce oedema or an addition of a hot bolus of herbs as analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

What Are the Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage?

  • Boost body awareness
  • Clear physiological and energetic pathways
  • Create deep relaxation
  • Detoxify and cleanse
  • Enhance the immune system
  • Help those with medical conditions better their overall well-being
  • Improve circulation
  • Increase vitality, rejuvenating, and repairing
  • Keep healthy people in good health
  • Balance VataPitta, and Kapha
  • Promote healthy skin
  • Reduce stress
  • Soothe the body and mind

I am happy you are ready to start your ayurvedic journey. As soon you complete your payment I will enter in contact with you to book your appointment.

1) Choose your treatment and complete your payment.

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In-person appointments: MANAVA SPA, Alstonville – NSW – Mondays and Tuesdays.

Online appointments: Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.


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