Ayurvedic Cooking

The ayurvedic art & science of mixing spices for health

Kitchen spices can improve your health. Discover how to use them.


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The Process

Since starting to study Ayurveda medicine and lifestyle, I have fallen in love with the health benefits of spices, and what they can do for us. Lately I have been diving into the search and study of Ayurveda even more, to put together this workshop and I never cease to be amazed by what I keep discovering. Common herbs and spices not only add flavour to your favourite dishes, but also makes us feel satisfied by eating a lesser amount of food, with many of them helping to prevent conditions like diabetes and heart disease, without mentioning the main function of almost all of them, in detoxing the body, aiding absorption and boosting your digestive capacity. If you also are surprised and interested, and would like to know more about other spices, learn how to cook in an authentic ayurvedic detoxing way, taste a mung dahl recipe or the invigorating and cleansing chai tea drink, send me an email or text to put your name down for the next workshop.


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