The Grounded Brand

Driven continuously by a passion to help people heal the body and enlighten their soul through Ayurvedic principles, I launched the brand Grounded.

My intolerance to any form of artificial fragrance or artificial seasoning, led me to search for the purest organic spices, herbs, flowers and clay, to create artisanal blends that can heal and transform.

 Every Grounded product is an invitation to awaken your senses and connect with the great 5 elements of mother earth.

 My vision when blending each Grounded product is to introduce you to an infinitive world of simple available gifts that nature offers us to heal our body. I am just the mediator that reminds you to listen to your inner self-healer using the elements of nature that are in every single food, herb, spice and anything natural.

The name means a lot to me. It was like a turning point where I really felt the transformation of my life, my mind and my body. I feel totally grounded, in this new land that life brought me to, and in this new role spreading knowledge of health & wellbeing.  

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