Hello, nice to meet you! I am Lilian Alkmim, Ayurvedic health & wellbeing facilitator. I am happily married with 2 beautiful little girls, living amongst the luscious forest in Byron Bay Hinterland where I work with what brings me truly inner satisfaction. It definitely wasn’t always like this! Here, I share my journey finding healing and fulfillment in Ayurveda. I hope it inspires you into the path of self-realization & wellbeing. 

Back in Brazil, at the age of 28, I was in charge of the marketing team of a fast-growing women’s news website, living in my own apartment in one of the most populous city on Earth, Sao Paulo, when I started to have my first symptoms and signs that something was really wrong with the path that my life had taken. I clinching a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations at 21 and master’s degree in Communications for Organizations at 24. It was a quick climb to a successful decade-long career working for giant multinationals in food businesses, fashion shopping malls, and women’s magazines, as a communicator.  

Anyone would think I could have been satisfied with this status and fashionable lifestyle, and I was for quite a while before that moment. Then, I realized I was trapped by my career goals living an unhealthy lifestyle with little insights on a real inner happiness. 

My jolly ride to career fulfillment became an aimless battle with migraines, lower back issues, insomnia, episodes of anxiety, and an intense sense of dissatisfaction. In search of solutions to fix these symptoms, I spent all the free money and time I could afford from my choked lifestyle with doctors & specialists. As well trying to buy distractions to alleviate my emptiness. 

Slowly I began to connect with meditation groups, and frequent small courses to discover a purpose for my career and life. It all began to make sense. Within this period, I also became interested in surfing, and this opened my soul to a discovery of the incredible freedom and state of mind you could only reach when you are in synch with nature and its elements. I became deeply engrossed in medical research concerning symptoms, and I was intrigued to discover that all my health troubles have been born out of stress, and that no single specialist was treating the root of my health issues, it was just palliative waste of time and money. Different results come doing things different, so I turned a little radical. 

I let these little sparks burn into a beautiful fire inside me. First I quit my job in 2012. Then I rented out my apartment and left my “safe” life and took my first big steps on a totally unchartered and unknown journey. Considering how bonded I became with my mediation group; I knew for my immense curiosity would lead me to India, but the surfing and outside nature culture of Australia offered me the right head start.